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Pipeline - Excavator - Intermediate with Winching-KENTUCKY
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20 days
Boston, KY



This class is a three week course. The course schedule is 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, Monday-Saturday. A typical day will consist of 2 hours of classroom training followed by 8 hours of practical field training.

Classes are intended for experienced operators, although apprentices with journeyman level skills are encouraged to apply. A proficiency test will be given at the beginning of the course.

This course will prepare you for working in the pipeline industry. The following subjects will be covered:

  • A pipeline spread –  Explain in depth each individual crew
  • All the various applications of an excavator throughout the many different stages of construction
  • How to dig a pipeline sloped ditch on a slope.
  • How to dig the point of intersections on a slope.
  • How to dig safe bell holes on a slope.
  • How to properly plug out on a slope.
  • How to dig road bore approaches and creek crossings in the hills.
  • The proper procedures to dig ditch in the hills.
  • How to dig layered rock.
  • How to be properly winched by a winch tractor.
  • How to properly dig utilizing a winch line.
  • How to properly walk with a winch tractor.
  • How to properly build water – breakers.
  • Understanding the pipeline terminology and vocabulary words.
  • Safety
2 / 8
Pipeline (PLCA)