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Pipeline - Excavator procedures for Waterway/Creek Crossings
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6 days
Crosby, TX

This is a one week course, 6 days, Monday - Saturday. 10 hours of training each day.

In this course operators will cover the following:

  •  Learn the proper excavation techniques of box sags.
  •  Learn the proper excavation techniques of sweeping sags. 
  •  Learn how to properly open cut a creek/waterway utilizing a flume pipe.
  •  Learn how to properly thread a section of pipe under a flume pipe and lay the section in the waterway/creek. 
  •  Learn how to properly backfill a creek/waterway.
  •  Learn how to carry a box sag and a sweeping sag.
  •  Learn how to properly relay dirt utilizing 2 or more excavators. 
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Pipeline (PLCA)

It is recommended that a three week intermediate excavator course has been completed prior to attending.