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Pipeline - Vacuworxs Pipelifter
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6 days
Crosby, TX

 This class is one week in length; six days total, Monday-Saturday, the class runs 10 hours a day consisting of 2 hours classroom followed by 8 hours of practical field training. The class will have one instructor and 5 students per class.

Classes are intended for experienced excavator operators. A proficiency test will be given at the beginning of the course to verify abilities.

This class will prepare the operator for the pipe handling procedures used in the pipeline industry. The subjects covered will be: 

  • Loading and unloading a stringing truck
  • Proper procedure for racking pipe in a pipe yard
  • Proper procedure for stringing pipe down the right of way
  • How to look for proper chocking of the pipe
  • How to properly carry a joint of pipe up hills and down hills
  • How to carry pipe underneath overhead power lines
  • Overall safety
  • Maintenance
  • Pipeline terminology 
2 / 5
Pipeline (PLCA)