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Pipeline - Dozer - Right of Way "slip repair" - KENTUCKY
18 days
Boston, KY

This is a three week class, the course will run 6 days/week, 10 hours a day. This class is intended for more experienced operators. The following subjects shall be covered:

1. The proper way to establish a travel lane with-in an existing Right of Way.

2. The proper way to winch or drag materials up or down the Right of Way. 

3. The proper procedures to relay and relocate mud/material to stable area with-in the Right of Way boundries. 

4. The proper procedures to dry mud/material with Gas Company specifed material. 

5. The proper procedures to clean up the Right of Way. 

6. Enviromental restoration procedures. 

The participates will be activlely participating in a slip repair onsite. 

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