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Crane Operations - Tower Crane Jacking
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5 days
Crosby, TX

Tower Crane Jacking


Tower Crane Jacking - This class Is a hands-on experience to raising a Tower crane by way of the climbing unit supplied by the manufacturer. This is an advanced tower crane operator class, and it will be treated as such. No time will be given to the basic operation of tower cranes. It requires a knowledge of tower cranes and all trainees must participate in every aspect of the process of climbing the crane. Including but limited to the use of sledgehammers and pin Knockers, the operation of the climbing unit itself and many other very physically demanding duties. Please be advised that this is a potentially dangerous procedure. Therefore, all members of the crew are expected to be alert and conscientious of everyone’s safety. You must be prepared to swing a sledgehammer and other strenuous activity. We will Jack the crane up and install a section and back down to its original height as many times as we can during the week (weather permitting).


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