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OSHA 5600 Disaster Site Worker Trainer
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4 days
Crosby, TX


AUTHORIZES INSTRUCTOR TO TEACH: OSHA 7600 Disaster Site Worker Course. 

The trainer will be able to apply elements of successful adult training programs; acquire new knowledge, skills, and attitudes with regard to disaster site work; and demonstrate the ability to properly don, doff and inspect air-purifying respirators in order to accomplish successful delivery of the Disaster Site Worker Course.

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H&P Construction (NTF),Master Instructor Certification (NTF),Safety & Health (IUOE),Stationary (NTF)
4 Years

1) Current OSHA Construction or OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer, 2) three years minimum safety and health training experience, and 3) completion of a 40-hour  (minimum) HAZWOPER training course.

NOTE: Student must complete a Prerequisite Form. To obtain this form and completion instructions, please contact: or Fax (202) 778-2618.