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In response to authorities in Harris County, Texas raising the Covid-19 Current Level of Risk to a Level 1, please be advised that, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, ALL TRAINING CLASSES AND REGULAR OPERATIONS AT THE INTERNATIONAL TRAINING & EDUCATION CENTER ARE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED UNTIL AT LEAST AUGUST 1, 2020. Guidance and directives from public health officials regarding exposure risk to COVID-19 are being updated every day. Therefore, we will continue to vigilantly monitor and evaluate this situation so that we can make the best decisions to protect and preserve the health and safety of all IUOE members and their families. Please check with your Local Training Director or this page for future updates.

Welcome to the registration and training schedule page for the International Training & Education Center (ITEC), the largest and most comprehensive training facility for union Operating and Stationary Engineers in North America.

Course descriptions and the schedule of classes offered at the ITEC can be found here.

Course Name Program Start date End date
OSHA 3095 Electrical Standards Safety & Health (IUOE), Stationary (NTF) 07/07/2020 07/10/2020
Boiler System Efficiency Stationary (NTF) 07/07/2020 07/09/2020
OSHA 502 Update for Construction H&P Construction (NTF), Master Instructor Certification (NTF), Safety & Health (IUOE), Stationary (NTF) 07/11/2020 07/13/2020
Mechanics Training - Electronic Fundamentals H&P Construction (NTF) 07/13/2020 07/17/2020
Crane Operations - Intro To Tower Crane Operations H&P Construction - Crane (NTF) 07/13/2020 07/17/2020
OECP Crane Class and Practical Examination H&P Construction (NTF) 07/13/2020 07/24/2020
H&P Training Conference H&P Construction (NTF) 07/14/2020 07/16/2020
OSHA 511 Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry H&P Construction (NTF), Master Instructor Certification (NTF), Safety & Health (IUOE), Stationary (NTF) 07/17/2020 07/20/2020
Solar Panel Installation Maintenance & Troubleshooting Stationary (NTF) 07/20/2020 07/23/2020
Excavation Operations H&P Construction (NTF) 07/20/2020 07/24/2020