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Pipeline - Angle Dozer - Advanced
This session is not currently accepting new enrollments.
Please check back later or contact your local training center for additional information.
13 days
Crosby, TX

This ia a two week course. The course will be 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, Monday - Saturday. The class will consist of limited classroom time and a majority of field training. Apprentices and Journeyman are encouraged to apply. Prior attendance in our Intermediate Angle Dozer class is recommended before attending this class. A profiency test will be given at the start of the class. 

During this class, the operator will be challenged with different tasks such as:

  •  Build sections of ROW for long periods
  •  Build ROW with PI's 
  •  Build ROW with crossover 
  •  Properly drag mats
  •  Build ROW out of Ditch Dirt 
  •  Restore the ROW to as Good or Better than found 

This class will operate very similiar to a jobsite, while building a mock pipeline. 

4 / 4
Pipeline (PLCA)

Attendance in the Intermediate Angle Dozer 3 week course