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IUOE Pipeline Business Agent and Steward Training
This session is not currently accepting new enrollments.
Please check back later or contact your local training center for additional information.
2 days
Crosby, TX

This class is intended for current Business Agents and/or members who are interested in the duties of a pipeline job steward.

The class will consist of 2 - 8 hour workshops. 

The class will start at 8 AM. 

The topics covered will be as follows: 

  1. Job Notices 
  2. Pre-Job Conferences 
  3. Pipeline Benefit Contribution Tracking Process
  4. NPLA and the 2020-2023 changes 
  5. Jurisdiction
  6. Jurisdiction Disputes 
  7. Joint Policy Committee
  8. Grievances and the procedures involved
  9. The Steward's role in the grievance procedure 
  10. Drug and Alcohol Testing
  11. Market Recovery


33 / 50
Pipeline (PLCA)