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Pipeline - Excavator Procedures for Existing Live Pipelines
13 days
Crosby, TX

Excavation class for Existing Live Pipelines (Maintenance/Rehabilitation work) 
This class is a two week course; 12 days total, Monday-Saturday, the class runs 10 hours a day. A typical day will consist of two hours of classroom instruction followed by 8 hours of actual field training. The class will have one instructor and four students.

This class is intended for experienced excavator operators.

This class will prepare the operator for working in the rehabilitation of existing pipelines that are already in service. During the class the following subjects will be covered:

  • How to safely probe and pothole for a hotline
  • How to dig around existing pipelines using various slope methods required by different gas companies
  • How to safely pad and backfill an existing pipeline
  • How to safely carry a joint or a section of pipe that has been welded together
  • How to dig egresses
  • Pipeline terminology
  • Safety
  • All other various applications of the excavator throughout the rehabilitation process 
4 / 8
Pipeline (PLCA)