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Pipeline - Horizontal Directional Drilling with Mud Reclamation System
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20 days
Crosby, TX

This class is a three week course. The course schedule is 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, Monday-Saturday. A typical day will consist of 2 hours of classroom training followed by 8 hours of practical field training.

This class will start with the basic operation of the HDD machine first, as the class progresses, the operator will be challenged to operate the HDD in more complex scenarios all while incorporating the use of the Vermeer 250C mud reclamation system.

This course will prepare you for the HDD operations in the pipeline industry and the utility industry. The following subjects will be covered: 

  • How to drill various materials using different accessories
  • Applications of the HDD machine in pipeline construction and in the utility industry. 
  • The different procedures of mixing chemicals for the mud tech postion. 
  • How to use the F-5 Falcon locating instrument that tracks the drill stem.
  • How to Log Bore while drilling. 
  • How to use the Vermeer 250C Drilling reclaimer system in conjunction with the drilling machine.
  • How to use and understand different drilling profiles either by hand or the program itself. 
  • Explain how to understand clearance problems. 
  • How to use the Vermeer projects software system including all GPS components.
  • How to send edit/send an LWD to a contractor successfully.  
  • Proper maintenance of an HDD machine. 
  • Terminology
  • Safety 
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Pipeline (PLCA)