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Pipeline - Bending Engineering
6 days
Crosby, TX

This class is one week in length; six days total, Monday-Saturday, the class runs 10 hours a day. This class will consist of one instructor and 5 students.

Classes are intended for members with mathematical skills. This course will prepare you for working in the pipe bending operations of a pipeline project. The member needs to be prepared to learn a vast amount of knowledge in one week.

Classroom instruction involves mathematical formulas.  

These formulas include:

  • Calculating the circumference of a given diameter of pipe.
  • Calculating simple ends.
  • Calculating complex bends.
  • Calculating multiple bends in a single joint of pipe. 

Students will have hands-on training in the operation of the bending machine and will have an opportunity to bend a joint of pipe. There is also hands on instruction in the use of digital protractors, scientific calculators, seam charts and pipe markings.

Also discussed are the enormous safety concerns that go along with bending pipe. 

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