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Pipeline - Hydro-Static Testing of Pipelines - Kentucky
6 days
Boston, KY

This is a one week class. The class will run 6 consecutive days, Monday - Saturday, 10 hours a day. 

This a brand new class offered through the National Pipeline Training Fund. The testing of pipelines is considered one of the most critical parts of the construction process. The process is also considered one of the most dangerous parts of the construction process and it is essential that IUOE operators train for the job. In this class, an operator will actually be testing a mock pipeline, just like on a jobsite. The following topics will be covered:

  • Roles of the operating engineer while working in the testing crew
  • Discuss the hazards of the testing crew
  • Explain how to clean and clear the pipeline
  • Explain the tempartures
  • Explain the pressure recorders and how to utilize them (set-up and put charts in them)
  • The operator will actually fill a pipeline with water, test the section, and then dewater the pipeline. 
  • Explain/utilize brass deadweights
  • Explain /utilize digital deadweights
  • The operator will learn the process of hanging a manifold
  • The process of loading a pig 
  • Proper operation of an air compressors and water pumps
  • Explain the head pressure and how dangerous the air/water mixture is
  • How to move a frac tank
  • The operator will learn about the different style of pigs and what the uses are
  • Testing vocabulary
  • Testing safety
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Pipeline (PLCA)

prior pipeline experience, a three week intermediate class is recommended in order to understand pipeline terms.