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Pipeline - Excavator - Right of Way "slip repair" - KENTUCKY
18 days
Boston, KY

This is a three week course, the class will run 6 days/week, 10 hours a day. This class is intended for profient excavator operators. Previous attendance in a three week intermediate excavator class is recommended but not required. The following list of topice will be covered:

1. The unloading of equipment and materials neeeded to repair the slip.

2. The proper pot-holing procedures.

3. When, where, and how to build air bridges. 

4. How to excavate the live/existing pipeline properly and safely. 

5. The proper procedures to install drains to Gas Company Specs. 

6. How to properly inspect the pipeline for damage.

7. How to properly pad and backfill the newly repaired area. 

8. Enviromental control procedures. 

This class will feature an actual slip repair and the participates will complete the process of repair and place the material in the proper place. The intent is to be as real as possible and have some fun doing it. 

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