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OSHA 5602 Update for Disaster Site Worker Trainer
2 days
Crosby, TX


AUTHORIZES INSTRUCTOR TO TEACH: OSHA 7600 Disaster Site Worker course.

This course updates the Authorized Disaster Site Worker Trainer with new technical and regulatory information related to disaster response. Participants will have the opportunity to share “lessons learned” and refresh their knowledge about various topics covered
previously in the OSHA 5600 Disaster Site Worker Trainer course.

OSHA #5602 - Update for Disaster Site Worker Trainer Course

This course is intended to update the authorized Disaster Site Worker trainer with new technical and regulatory information related to disaster response and the role of OSHA in coordinating occupational safety and health in the National Response Framework. Participants will have the opportunity to share "lessons learned" from teaching 7.5- and 15-hour Disaster Site Worker Outreach training classes.


OSHA #5600 Disaster Site Worker Trainer Course. Authorized Outreach Training Program trainers are required to attend this course once every four (4) years to maintain their trainer status. Prior to registration, students must provide a copy of their current Outreach Training Program trainer card or an official transcript from their respective OSHA Training Institute Education Center showing successful completion of the OSHA #5600 Disaster Site Worker Training Course for verification of Outreach Training Program trainer status.

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H&P Construction (NTF),Master Instructor Certification (NTF),Safety & Health (IUOE),Stationary (NTF)
4 Years

Current OSHA Disaster Site Worker authorized trainer.