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Instrumentation and Controls
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3 days
Crosby, TX

This course will help prepare learners for a career as an Instrumentation Technician in Petro-Chemical and utility facilities. This course was designed by the Stationary Engineers Apprenticeship and Training Trust (SEATT) using skilled, experienced craftsmen. It is designed for new Instrument Techs or someone who may be preparing to enter the craft. This course will cover a lot of material over 3 days. The first two days we will cover Safety Basics, Basic and Specialized Tools, the four basic principles (pressure, flow, level, and temperature) of Instrumentation, and central concepts used in process control and how they are related. The last day we will cover control valves and controllers, types of control schemes used, proper application, parts of a control valves. During this course learners will be able to demonstrate calibrating transmitters, changing transmitters parameters, and troubleshooting using our Instrumentation Process Trainer that is a self-contained control loop containing all the four types of transmitters and the control valves covered in this course.

       This course covers the basic skills and concepts used in the Instrumentation craft and will provide the learner with a solid foundation for future learning of the more complex components, and control schemes of the instrumentation craft. Learners will be given workbooks to follow the presentation and make notes. There will be quizzes and an assessment after each section.

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Petrochemical (NTF),Stationary (NTF)